The Atlantic Crossing Challenge

The Challenge

Lagos, Portugal to Venezuela and then onto Port of Spain, Trinidad WI. 3,308 Nautical miles 3,807 miles across the Atlantic Ocean.

The passage from the Algarve region of Portugal to Venezuelan landmass, thereby achieving a continent to continent crossing, covers a vast swathe of the mid-Atlantic and is by far the most challenging of all the Atlantic crossings, 500 miles further than the more popular route from the Canary Islands to Antigua. On this route will likely encounter extreme weather, wildlife and we hope, considerable natural beauty to offset the physical toil we are set to endure. In a relative sense, many Atlantic crossings have taken place since the advent of the organised race in 1997, but our chosen passage differs considerably in its length and unfavourable conditions.

Estimated passage: Current record 52 days – Team Essence Target: 46 Days.




The Results

I’m proud to announce that as of 0016hrs GMT this morning, me and my team rowed into the World Record books as the first team EVER to row from continent to continent (Portugal to Venezuela) in a time of 50 days, 10hrs 36 mins whilst raising over £120,000 for the NSPCC.
I’d like to thank everyone for your support for our epic journey.

–Team Captain Matt Bennett

Rowing sucess (2)

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