“These are not the Drones you are looking for…..”

The attack of the mutant drones is imminent!

Sorry not true, they will invade us and our privacy and steal our children! Not been proved yet, but all is possible. So far drones have had very bad press, nearly killed everybody in a Boeing 777 but sorry, Tesco bag at 6,000ft? Was it?

Anyhow belay your fears, a bit. So far drones worldwide have saved 59 lives and mostly by amateur drone pilots. It was calculated in a drone survey that a five man rescue team searching for one day can be done by a drone in one hour.

Who flies these drones? Well we do. COBI. As we all know you can buy a drone in Universal stores or Amazon etc. Here lies the problem. Drones that can fly inside, just get stuck in the curtains; drones that can fly outside are expensive, but available and unregulated. Whoopee you may think, get a Phantom and annoy your neighbour and that you will.

We, COBI have professional licences to fly UAV’s or drones, but many do not. All drones need to be licenced to their owners. That’s only COBI’s and my opinion. This is emerging technology not something we should diss. Far from it, if used ‘sensibly’ these drones are lifesavers, house sellers, golf course designers and medical supply carriers in emergencies. There are so many potential uses.

Privacy has always been the question asked, isn’t it something that drones can invade? Again all is possible, but let me supply you with the rules set out by the CAA for drone flying. Simply put:

1) No person can be within 50m of a drone at anytime, unless totally aware of the drone.
2) A drone pilot must have permission to fly from landowners land.
3) A drone must be in line of sight to the pilot at all times.
4) A drone must never exceed 400ft above ground level.

There are drone pilots that know the rules and most are sensible, but the sad few don’t seem to care or are uninformed.

If you see a drone ‘invading’ your space. What should you do? No don’t get the shotgun out, you will be culpable of criminal damage. Walk around and look for the car with the drone evidence in the back, usual signs will be a drone box, spare propellors etc. Take the number plate down and call the police. That said 59 lives saved versus non lost and some great images and maybe your dog will be found swiftly, or the leak in your roof, or the size of your land can be calculated. This is a future that will and is happening. The first drone deliveries have been made, albeit short distances and light weight goods, by Amazon and UPS.

So next time you see a drone, please don’t be so fearful, if you think that the drone is being flown by an amateur with no sense, you know what to do. If you have any questions please make contact through our website: cobi-drone.co.uk

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