COBI specialises in aerial filming and photography using state of the art drones. It has aerial permission (PfCO) granted from the CAA. Using video downlink, footage can be viewed in real time enabling pilot, cameraman and client absolute control of filming and framing. With gyro-stabilised 360 degree 3-axis capabilities our cameras can create ultra-smooth cinematic footage up to 4K resolution.

We also offer aerial inspections and surveys with the ability to fly close to buildings or structures into awkward places where other types of access may not be safe, appropriate or cost effective. COBI has full ground based video and photographic editing capabilities. COBI has full public liability insurance.



Colin de Fraine


Colin married, father of 4; former journalist and Director of
newspaper publishing business, is one half of the dynamic partnership that is COBI.
Colin is a fully qualified UAV pilot with PfCO issued by the CAA. He is a photographer, marketing specialist and an experienced video and photographic editor.


Tobi Corney


Tobi, married with four kids, a multi award winning photographer and a ‘Photographers Choice’ photographer with Getty Images. Tobi has worked on many feature films, television and is an accomplished Microlight Pilot. He is also an experienced UAV camera operator.


Safety is of the utmost importance to COBI while flying. Site surveys and risk assessments are carried out in advance. COBI adhere to all CAA requirements for safe operation of UAVs. These include:

  • No flying over or within 150m of any congested area
  • No flying within 50m of people or property not under control of COBI crew
  • Landowners permission is required for take-offs and landings
  • Flight up to 400ft and 500m from pilot
  • Pilot must maintain line-of-sight with UAV at all times
  • A site visit is required before the job can be done for a location and risk assessment